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“Yanos” a Geez word meaning strong & determined and symbolized by the majestic Lion, making us determined to live up to the reputation of our representation.

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Tech-driven Road Assesment and Management System

Manage and Asses your Road Projects with ease and efficiency.


Systematic Management and Assesment of Real-estate Technologies

Manage and Asses your Real-Estate Projects with ease and efficiency.


Online Shoping Simplified

Finish your Transactions with just a few clicks.


Architechts Builders and Clients Arena

Bring Architrchts and Builders together to clients in one platform.

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Yanos is at the forefront of innovative IT solutions and reliable IT services. Using knowledge together with impeccable planning, Yanos creates well-developed systems both highly functional and user friendly, determined to make your life simple.


“Yanos” is a Geez word meaning strong and determined and is symbolized by the majestic Lion. The lion being the face and spirit of Ethiopians itself, Yanos is determined to live up to the reputation of its representation. Based in Bole Subcity Megenagna area as the main office, Yanos IT Solutions is footed at the center of Addis, determined to bring innovative and up-to-date IT solutions to current and urgent problems.

Yanos IT Solutions is an ICT company focused on finding suitable solutions for companies of all sizes with a firm belief in making employees and managers' life simple. In Ethiopia, where the business sector is growing, where mid and large scale enterprises are emerging; there is a big need for task automation and system implementation to manage the day to day activities of businesses. A technology company like Yanos, with employees and staffs coming from different areas of the knowledge sector, is able to bridge such gaps and provide a wide range of solutions to companies needing its wide expertise. By developing highly user friendly systems and software, easy to use mobile apps and cutting edge corporate identity designs for brandings and promotions, Yanos is penetrating the market with multi-dimensional solutions to daily activities.

Yanos IT Solutions is established, majorly to bring innovative solutions in the following sectors...


  • Location Based Systems: These integrate GIS and usually combine with mobile powered data collection tools. to diverse fields like business, health services, natural resources, or transportation to assist experts and professionals in analyzing various types of geospatial data and dealing with complex situations.

  • Corporate Identity: This is where you see your dreams, goals and ideas printed on a paper, burned on a CD and/or out in the world on your website. We research, design and develop a complete identity for you and your company so that you can be seen as the leader of your industry.

  • ERP: This includes the development, implementation and Integration of ERP Systems but most importantly we pride ourselves with the consultancy service we give based on the strategic business analysis we perform after deployment.

  • Corporate Systems: This includes but is not limited to management systems such as
    • Human Resource Management System,
    • Stock & Asset Management Systems, &
    • Customized specific functioned corporate systems



To have the Lions share and be the leader of the IT industry by bringing trending, innovative and spot-on solutions to Ethiopian’s day-to-day problems.


To become the pioneer IT company that provides efficient and technologically advanced solutions to our customers.


In 7 years times our company will supply a stable, innovative, highly functional and user friendly Enterprise systems to all size companies.

Nebiyou Zewdu
Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yanos IT Solutions,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  • High Quality Softwares

  • Flat Rate Services

  • User Friendly Systems

  • Amazing Team and Management

  • Amazing Maintenance Packages

    but most of all
  • Long-Life Business Partners



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